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Thank you so much for choosing to support NAMI Southern Arizona. Please note the following: to make a credit card donation, the information you enter under Billing Information must match the information on the credit card you enter or your donation will be rejected.
Due to processing fees, we are unable to accept credit card donations of less than $10. We encourage donations by mail with a check or you may drop your cash donation by our office at 6122 E 22nd Street, Tucson, during business hours M-F, 9am-5pm.
The new COVID-19 relief bill provides a $300 tax break for charitable donations made in 2020. This incentive will allow you to reduce your adjusted gross income up to $300. This deduction will ultimately reduce the amount of your income that’s taxable and you can still claim the standard deduction. Please consult a tax advisor for questions about your individual tax situation.
NAMI Southern Arizona is an Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO). Your gift may entitle you to a credit of up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple on your Arizona State tax return (QCO Code 21027) We are also a 503(c)3 non-profit. All of your contributions are tax deductible.
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding gifts through email or by calling 520-622-5582.
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