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Same Day Crisis Phone Help

If you are in immediate crisis, whether it be for you or your loved one, call the Community Wide Crisis line:
(520) 622-6000
1 (866) 495-6735.

Local Support Groups

Attend free NAMI support groups near you for those with a mental illness or for family and friends of a loved one effected with mental illness.

Speak With A Resource Specialist

Resource Specialists assist individuals in improving quality of life for themselves and for their family members by enhancing that person's ability to speak for themselves or, in some cases, speaking on that person's behalf.

NAMI Educational Programs

Sign up for local NAMI sponsored educational sessions and courses for families, peers, and for any person with serious mental illness.

More Resources & FAQs

Read and get informed about types of mental illness & disorders, medications, treatments, overcoming mental illness stigma and more.

NAMI Volunteer Program

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